Terera Damo Washing Station

The washing station in Terra Damo receives coffee cherries from 500 smallholders that live, and farm, at altitudes ranging from 1850 – 2000 m.a.s.l. Their plots have an average of 120 coffee trees which are engulfed in an almost natural forest-like environment; often classified as semi-forest. Compost and dead fall are strategically spread throughout the small farms to stimulate a healthy ecosystem.

The entire family of the smallholder is involved in picking the ripe cherries. The family plans several sweeps through the terrain to make sure every cherry they pick is mature. A tree might be visited several times before harvest is over.


KABELE: Terera Damo

WOREDA : Hambela Wamena
ZONE: Guji
REGION: Oromia
ELEVATION: 1850-2000m
PROCESSING: natural 
HARVEST: Nov. – Jan.