About Us

Most Ethiopian growers inherit their families’ farms and faire on the knowledge passed down from generations. Mekuria Mergia is the opposite. Having no background in coffee, he entered the market as a true entrepreneur at his young age; from the bottom up.

The young Mekuria started to collect coffee from farms and sold these small batches to nearby mills. He functioned as a smallholder agent, connecting supply and demand. This hands-on, trial and error, ‘groundwork’ gave him valuable insights into the coffee market.

During these years, he started to harbor an interest in coffee processing and finally was able to install several washing stations and dry mills in the Yirgacheffee and Guji zone and started to supply his coffee through the ECX to local exporters and gained a lot of reputation among them as a quality supplier of Guji and Yirgacheffe coffees. 

In 2018 Mekuria establish Wete Ambela Coffee Export Plc to be able to export our best-prepared quality coffees directly from the wet and dry mills where most of the coffee quality preparation is done to the final buyers. Although his role shifted from smallholder agent to owner of several washing stations and dry mills, Mekuria still considers himself a representative of the farmers he works with.

Currently, we have 5 wet and dry mill stations and 1 farm located in Yirgacheffee Wote Konga, Gedeb, Guji Hambela Wamena (Benti Nenka), Guji Anferara, Guji Goro Bedesa, and Guji Tertera Damo in addition to this our experience in the coffee sector help us to source different coffee types in Ethiopia

Our Staff

Enatenesh Desalegn
General Manager

Enatenesh has been in the coffee business since she graduated from school and joined a coffee export company.  She has been working as export documentation officer then she took the course of coffee cupping and became a licensed coffee cupper and trader. Currently she is the General Manager and coffee quality controller for Wete Ambela Coffee Export PLC.

Mekuria Mergia

Mekuria started the coffee business starting from collecting coffee beans from farmers and selling it to the washing station near him, then he was able to own his own washing station and was able to collect the coffee beans directly from the farmers using his reputation with the farmers by being an honest and genuine person. After owning his own washing station he was known as a good coffee quality processor by the coffee export companies who used to buy his coffee and export it. Currently he is the CEO of Wete Ambela Coffee Export PLC and handles all the farmer communication, overseeing the coffee processing, all the washing stations and the export production.

Elias Yifter
Export manager

Elias started his coffee career after graduating with Bachelor Degree in Accounting and joined a coffee export company as accountant and after a while became Finance manager and was very much interested in the coffee sector then he became export manager before Joining Wete Ambela Coffee Export PLC. Currently he is the Export manager of Wete Ambela Coffee Export Manager and he handle the communication with the coffee buyers, oversee the coffee production in the washing station and in the export milling facilities  and handle all the export related work in the company

Adane Neguse
Production Manager

Adnae has been in the coffee business for the last 15 years and has a large knowledge of the coffee production in the washing stations and dry mills. He is currently the production manager of Wete Ambela Coffee Export PLC, he handles all the process of coffee processing starting from coffee collection until the coffee is shipped to Addis Ababa.

Agegnhu Tadesse
Special coffee production Manager

Agejehu has a coffee cupping license which has pushed him to read and study more about new coffee processes and was very much fascinated by the coffee processing. Currently he is in charge of special process coffee production like anaerobic coffee process, honey coffee process.