Benti Nenka Washing Station – Hambela Wamena area

The zone of Guji has been getting particular attention over the last few years. This washing station in the Guji district in the kebele (neighbourhood) of Benti Neka receives coffee from over 700 producers in the area. The small land-holders in the area have properties ranging in altitude from 1850m to 2100m. These altitudes are actually a bit low compared to Yirgacheffe, the northern neighbor, and it is on average about 2 degrees C warmer in this area of Guji.

This temperature difference likely impacts the coffee taste profile, however, it’s very difficult to pin-down exactly how. Beginning with the agriculture, which is mostly passive organic (almost natural forest-like), small scale farms might have only 120 or so trees on their property to tend. A focused effort on spreading compost and dead-fall on each tree is very feasible. At harvest time, when it comes to picking, the family is all involved, and the cherry is laid-out on the property after picking and before submission to the washing station. The coffee is picked through to ensure that only ripe cherry is included. Again, immaculate sorting is possible because the cherry can be spread out in one thin layer for evaluation.

KABELE: Benti Neka

WOREDA: Hambela Wamena
ZONE: Guji
REGION: Oromia
ELEVATION: 1850 – 2100 m
PROCESSING: fully Washed and natural 
HARVEST: Nov. – Jan.